Updated Updates!

Khong biet title co make sense khong nua. Who cares, baby!

Mua he nay take another May term class, last year I had Typography for three weeks. This year, I signed up for Publication Design, which majors on book design and publishing. The class is new for me, not because I didn’t take before, it’s because I have no ideal how InDesign software works.I

am a less concentrated person and everything can interrupt my concentration. Obviously, the May term runs so fast and students who enroll this semester should focus in class as much as possible. But this is not what I do. Instead of listening carefully and follow the teacher’s instruction, I sit in the back, go to youtube, and watch Super Junior’s stuff online. My class is designed to teach in the Mac lab so basically, I don’t need any speaker to hear music because the speaker is installed directly to the monitor. All I need to do is to turn on the sound, yet loud enough for only me to hear, and enjoy “wasting money.”

I am in the class now and I do nothing but blogging in Yahoo 360… It’s just weird. I doubt if I survive this class or not but obviously, I don’t find any interested to go school anymore. Previous semester is an example. I enrolled in four classes but I used to turn my work late. The only class that I kept all works on time was Design Communication, oddly enough, which is the class I ended up receiving the lowest grade compared to the other three. Is it weird?

Yes, it’s weird because it is part of life and life is really weird itself.

By The Way, Happy Birthday to Mr. Thanh T. Nguyen


2 responses to “Updated Updates!

  1. Nguyet Tat Thanh phai hong? iu nuoc wa hen, ra duong nho’ mac a’o gia’p, hehe

  2. Ciao Duy

    Theo y kien ca nhan cua Dinh thi InDesign la su tong hop cua QuarkXpress va Illustrator

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