Get Better!

It’s been three weeks in the hospital and Ryan is ready to go home soon. Yah! You’re strong, kid and we know you will make it!

He gets better lately and that he is moved from ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to regular room. I guess one more week, he will be home and play with me.

I go to visit him today and see him totally awake. Still, there are two lubes inside his nose to help him breath easily. At least, bunches of horrible tubes on his chest were taken out. Ryan doesn’t talk to me and he looks at me like “Who are you, I don’t even know you!” but he lets me hold him later. It’s okay, Uncle understand you are tired and needs some sleep.

I can’t wait when he comes home, goes to my room and says, “Bop Bop!” (He means Spongbob Squarepants, his favorite animated character.)


One response to “Get Better!

  1. Ah ha, what a lucky news is! hey, baby! You are so lucky because you have a wonderful uncle that you always be well cared for.

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