Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone! It seems I load more people in my card this year rather than last year. Have fun, guys!

Once more note, please let me know if your name or your photo excludes from the card as my memory doesn’t work well lately. It’s not I don’t remember you, it’s just I can’t recall all of my friends’ names at once.

christmas2a.jpg picture by iress

Below is the larger version.

Chirstmas Card

Last Year Entry


12 responses to “Merry Christmas 2008

  1. I, co minh tren do kia, card de thuong ghe, D cung de thuong ghe, hehe, chong tui co khac, kakak :))

  2. ry, hok c tui…hic, năm ngoi c muh năm ni lọt sổ ry >_______

  3. …kiếm ra gy, hơhơ…dzị l c tui, hic…mừng w ^^’ Merry Xmas \^O^/

    p/s: chủ nh fải ni c th tớ mới rng panh mắt ra tm 😛 hic…muh sao hnh mnh xấu thế nhỉ, bthường đẹp lung linh thế kia 😀 [“i em b w nhn hok ra”] btw, thax LT nhu nhu nghen, thương gh dzị đ :))

  4. ^^ Nice card, gud idea! Merry Christmas!!!

    *ủa m sao c tấm hnh đ vậy 😕

  5. Cảm ơn đ nhớ tới tui … nhưng m sao c hnh m hổng c tn, c ai biết tui l ai đu m lm quen , dzới lại , sao m để hnh tui tuốt ở dưới dzậy….hmmm…. buồn 5″.

  6. I looked for me in the picture but then i’m sure i’m not there, huhu.I can guess that because i have just known him for a short time.I don’t remember where, when and how can I enter his blog and become a blog-drug that I don’t know the reason why.And then I usually drop in his blog to read what he shares in. I’m so happy since I know him and learn many things from him. I admire his English even though it’s some entries by. his thinking make me smile, even laugh a lot in happiness. Thanks for u!

  7. Đng l c năng khiếu tốt nhỉ, ;-),
    cm ơn Duy nhiều lắm

  8. Have any change in the picture, it maked me confused.A D. mới lm lại tấm hnh đng ko n? N trng đẹp hơn khi c mnh trong đ ấy nhỉ! Hehe 

  9. cam on ban Duy :D, dung gian tui nua nha

  10. pun`! nam ngoai hem co’, nam nay cung hem co’! hix hix lui thui di dzia` blog tui :((

  11. Eh… coi vay ma tui co mat tren card cua pa 2 nam lien roi do nha… cung tu hao lam ah ^^

    Btw, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year nha ku chen ^^

  12. sao h�ng c� h�nh tui?

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