I was degraded!

I should have my third consecutive straight A this semester to bump my GPA up to 3.9 (not exactly 3.9, but close to it after you round up to tenth) but I can’t make it. Before this semester, I am midpoint of 3.8 and 3.9

My grade in Art Appreciation already exceeds 90 points and I should receive a beautiful A but I was deteriorated one letter grade, which means the highest grade I can make for this class is B.

Of course, there is a reason behind it. My instructor is so nice and easy that she make her class less challenging and complicated (I beg you would fall asleep during the class when studying the art history) but you must follow her attendant restriction. Student are not allowed to absent more than 3 class days in order to have an A. A tardy bell late is counted as an absent day as well.

Who should I blame for? Me or my teacher? Honestly, it’s I who overslept for some days and as a result, I didn’t go to school. I didn’t push myself as hard as those previous semesters and consequently, it effects my overall GPA. It’s a shame for me not to take this class seriously. Earlier, she informed that I reached the maximum absent days I can have and I should not take any day off further.

Currently, my GPA is under 3.8 but close enough to round up as 3.8.

This whole semester seems to be faster than those previous one and I await another class to have my grade but I’m sure I can collect another A.

Next steps, go sign up for the spring semester.


One response to “I was degraded!

  1. hey, you’re not degraded… just your class, NOT you…

    Well… do not blame anyone, because you can’t change what has already been done. Just take it as an experience (yeah, sometimes we have to learn it in a hard way)… rut kinh nghiem mai mot di hoc da`ng wa`ng hon ti’ thoi, no star where…

    Btw, moi doc ca’i blog kia cua ong luon, lam gi ma di lam dzu vay? dont make yourself burned out, money is important but you deserve good health and relaxations too….

    Good luck nghen 😉

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