Story Line!

It’s just a project that required me to make a story line… The story might be seemed dull but the overall design is graded.


5 responses to “Story Line!

  1. so… the story that I comprehend from looking at this picture is that you were trying to steal/take advantage of/rape (oops) this gal but there was a hero in black jumped in from out of nowhere and beat you up… haha…

    Or, another story that viewer can come up with is that you wanted to take advantage of this guy (you were looking at him very sensually) but he did not know (he was looking at the other things). However, the girl sitting around there noticed that and notified him (grasped his hand and shook). He immediately reacted and ran over the perverted jerk (you)… hahahaha

    Good story… it makes viewers know more about you…. hahah j/k buddy ^^

  2. Smile…
    My storyline is all about me who was got bullied/ killed/ or raped like you mentioned above. Then there was a girl who heard my scream and she wonder what happened. She grapped the guy’s hand and tried to stop. However, at the end, it turned out that she was not innocent at all. She and the guy was in the same gang or something…
    anyway, the last photo supposed to be a scence from a mythology painting and the two other people in the photo are actually my classmates.

    Anyway, thanks for your idea suggestion… It seems fun, though.

  3. haha, i’m glad you find it funny… your story was way complicated then what i thought, haha, serious, i didnt think that you were bullied at all, cuz girl usually represents the weaker, and only bad people will be punished (and you were punished –> you gotta b a bad person here, hehe) … but i guess it’s not the case over here… lol, i know this way of thinking is kinda stereotyping, but the girl’s facial expression was very innocent (right hand top corner), and the white guy looks like a good person, whereas your eyes look very mischievous…. hahaha, well well well… very bad prejudices, but that how it is when viewers are not offered enough information ^^

  4. I agree my story was so much complicated and lack of details for general audiences because the requirement for my project is to created a sequence only. The good example for that is a comic book or manga. As I mentioned earlier, the storyline might be dull but my teacher will grade on overall design. In other words, he doesn’t care how stupid the story is as long as it show sequences and good design.

    I guess you enrolled English class before and you will understand the term “irony.” If you don’t, then irony is to describe what happens that audience won’t expect. At the beginning, I try to cut off her face to show how innocent she is but later on, it is revealved that is an actual villian. People think she grapped the guy’s hand to stop but it turned out not.

    For the white guy, the reason he looked nice because he is a really BAD actor. Haha, while my teacher guided him what should he expressed, he was like “I’m sorry. I can’t.” Anyway, I did have fun for this project.

    FYI, we taked alot of photos to demonstrate some mythology scence. One of them was a image that a lady beheaded a general in order to save her town from war. The girl played as the braved girl while the white guy was as a poor general. The other images when she play as a crying lady. If you go to wikipedia, type crying lady then you will know the story behind crying lady.

    There are some versions of this photo above from my classmates. One of them is my hand hold a sword, while the other hold the guy’s head…

  5. hehe, i know what irony means .. haha, i guess you’re right, the white guy did not act like a bad person very well. Why don’t you post some of your demonstrations of mythology scene? that would be cool.

    Btw, i dont know the story of the “crying lady”, can you kể chiện? hehe

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