Poseidon is name of a Greek mythology god who ruled entire of the ocean in the world. His name was adopted into Neptune in Roman mythology. In Eastern culture, his counterpart is Dragon King. However, he used to disguise as a merman instead of a flying dragon. In the animation movie of Walt Disney, The Littler Mermaid, Poseidon is portrayed as King Triton, father of the youngest mermaid Ariel who dreams to possess a pair of human legs in order to walk into the land and pursue of her happiness. According to Greek Mythology, Triton is actually a son of Poseidon and he carries the trident like his father. There is no much information about him (to me) except he is the messenger of the goat… (hmm..) I’m searching his background story to comprehend whether he is a ruler of the ocean or not.

Poseidon is also my new art work depict a myth or fantasy. Of course, there must be rule that student are prohibited to download and use any Internet images but theirs. Consequently, I must draw a vectorized boat and that’s why it doesn’t look so real. In progress for that work, I must browsing for an hour in order to find a good pose for my self. As you know, most of Greek Mythology Gods are totally NAKED. (I wish I could but I can’t.) My version is slightly different than the original one. Instead of holding a trident and being naked, I have my clothes on and use my 36 inches T-square ruler.

poseidon21.jpg picture by iress

You can view the larger version here


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