Summer Ends!

I’m not kidding. My summer started on Monday but ends today. Basicially, it lasts only for about five to six days.

After I get straight A this semester, I plan for another school marathon which I take one May term class and one class for Summer 1. Hopefully I find another class for Summer 2. People say that May term is a son of bitch due to the fact that whole semester is scrunched down into three weeks only. It means that I need to go to school everyday excepts for weekend and spend about 6 hours for only one class. (Let do a simple math, one semester lasts fifteen weeks, but May term is only three weeks. So, one day of May term equals to one week of regular semester.) I don’t know if I am able to catch up my class or not but I certainly have no time in school. I age every day and I can’t wait to get my degree.

Summer I class will start about one week after May term and it ends before July Fourth, which is American’s Independce Day. One week later, Summer II begins untill the Fall Semester starts. If I can manage my time, I will achieve three more required classes and that my time for school will be shorten.

By the way, the class that I took for May term is Typographical Design which just opens this semester. Basically, I can consider myself as one of the first students in my college who enroll this class. My degree’s syllabus changed significantly by adding this class into the requirement (core curriculum) and taking out some classes, such as Drawing (I took it last year), and two Internship classes. I eager to participate on Internship but they just remove it so what a pity for me.

Anyway, Typography is interesting and I hope to have fun with it eventhought it will be much stressful for me.


One response to “Summer Ends!

  1. ohh wow, good job for getting straight A’s. I think i took typography before, it was not bad, just about drawing letters and stuff, not very fun, but it was good ^^ good luck 😉

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