After Tornado

Hey, those pix were taken after the turnado hit my city. Tree felt down, blocked my door that I needed to jump the hill to the land in order to access to my car… Enjoy the show!

TOR_001.jpg picture by iress
The electric pole was broken down.

TOR_008.jpg picture by iress
A broken tree

TOR_009.jpg picture by iress
In front of my house

TOR_010.jpg picture by iress
Trees blocked the doorway

TOR_011.jpg picture by iress

TOR_012.jpg picture by iress
On the way to school, I tried to captures some broken trees.

TOR_007.jpg picture by iress

tor_006.jpg picture by iress

TOR_005.jpg picture by iress

TOR_004.jpg picture by iress

TOR_003.jpg picture by iress

TOR_002.jpg picture by iress
The neighbor

TOR_013.jpg picture by iress

The old man tried to call somebody to help him cleaning up the mess


One response to “After Tornado

  1. bữa nhớ Koo c ni xe hơi xm bị g m, sao hng thấy chụp lại để xem xe cn nguyn hng ;))

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