Thong Bao Doi Nha

I announce that I will change my blog into other services since Yahoo 360 will close soon and I can’t stand for its bugs…

My new blog will be on My.Opera.Com, in case if you have an account there, PM me so that we can keep in touch. I am very pity to leave this place since I started to blog when Yahoo first launch this feature in 2005, especially this is the only one place I can modify or create my theme. (I have no knowledge about CSS.) I won’t use Yahoo Mash even thought I already have a profile there. Its beta version looks like for kids only, (the pet feature!), and there is no place for you to store photos or blogging.

By the way, Hope to see you soon!

Ly Thong


2 responses to “Thong Bao Doi Nha

  1. yahoo sux, they deleted all my blogs 2 months ago and now i dont feel like blogging anymore. Anyway, keep in touch, may be i should find another place soon, it has to be some place where most of my friends are.

  2. uhm…i got one account on there but dont know how to send u link…

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