Hello a New Day

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Hmm… It was 1:08 in the morning I came home in the state of nearly sleeping after enjoy Harry Potter 5 with my sister at the theater. Basically the movie is fairly good using many technology visual effects like those previous one. I like the ending part when those six students of Howard flying to Magic Ministry and fighting with those Death Easters. This is also the first time the audience see Harry fought the bad guys not by himself but along with his five friends. Even though I have not finished the book five yet, somehow I was able to follow the story line. Surprisingly, the female character that I like most is Ginny, not the “intellectual” Hermione, who initially get marriage with Harry later on her life. I was like “she’s good!” while watching her practicing magic and using it against those Death Easters. Unfortunately, I felt pity for her when she is one the “silent” characters throughout the movie which mean she never said a word from the very beginning till the end (or may be I’m wrong!)

Getting back home so late doesn’t avoid me from using computer, instead it lets me eagerly to stay on-line more. Yet, guess how many days I was not able to search Internet? It’s three days and I can’t bare it. The computer aka my stupid machine and the network aka the dummy drive me like crazy. My Emachines is five years old so that all of USB gates currently don’t recognize the D-link core. If I want to use Internet, I must plug the core out and plug it back to another gate and wait for computer automatically REINSTALL it regardless how many times the machine does that. It’s S-U-C-K! I am planing to buy a new from Walmart but I’m not sure whether if it is worth or not since I have no knowledge about computer hardware. Or may be I ask my friend for some advices. Now, it’s turn for the dummy (the network). Because is it wireless, duh, everything can interrupt it especially to my sister’s expansive, fancy, functional cellphone. Whenever she’s home and turn it on, the network on my room is disconnected and it get back to its function when she left. One day, she forget her cellphone at home, actually I did now that if not someone called her, I went to her room, took it and left it on another room. Guess what? It works!

Okay, beside from how old my computer is, it is now full of spy-wares (I guess) since currently it pops up many stupid advertising website (like DO YOU WANT TO SEE ANGELINA JULIE NAKED IN BATHROOM or WANT TO ENLARGE YOUR …. YOU-KNOW-WHAT.) It took me more than two hours to find and install the anti-spyware software and scan my lovely machine despite the fact that it was four something almost five. It’s hurt and my eyes almost closing. Rumor has it that if you stay so late at night, you probably see those hunger ghosts come back from death. Even though they are invisible, they are around you until they suck your breath till death.

However, being late at night bring me one positive thing or at least my cousin has the chance to send me photos from Vietnam via YIM. He did make me a copy CD but for some reasons, it broke. He was like “Are you done?” and I responsed “Hey, it’s up to your network! If it’s good then I download faster!” He is rush to go somewhere so I ask him do not turn off his computer in order to me load those pictures from it. Now, I am done loading and I am happy to get the pictures back! Thanks for modern technology!

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One response to “Hello a New Day

  1. 31.8 VN cũng chiếu HP5 , eh L đọc xong HP7 rồi ;))

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