It’s Sunday, yeah, the day that people are likely spend with their family to BBQ, to go on camping, or to enjoy in the entertaining parks. Yet, I am staying in my room like usual trying to figure out what I should do with my final project, which is a self-portrait through objects. My brain at this moment is completely blank and I don’t know what I should star and how to get it done. It’s stuck!

To complete my project, I need to draw three objects that somehow play a significant role in my life so that they can portrait my personality or a memory, of course, it does not to be a sad memory. I look through my room trying to find something but there is nothing. Nothing is much important to me. There is a figure, literately it only be shaped by human, which I purchased last week to illustrate my life, which can’t be control completely. There is an apple I found in refrigerator to show that apple is my first English vocabulary teaching by my mother. There are two vases my uncle gave to me last year when I come back to Vietnam to symbol for where I belonged to. However, when those things go together, it does not work. Something is missing, and something is not related to other…

To come up any new ideal, I get out of my house and call T. to a restaurant for eating. I don’t know it should be called lunch or dinner because the watch marches 4:00 o’c clock. T. doesn’t eat for some reasons. He explains that because this restaurant does not have any good meal and he has just finished his lunch two hours ago. Well, it turns out that only me who eat. We spent an hour later to hang aroud, mostly we drive around the new neighborhood to see some houses. The houses there I guess its cost should be over 2oo K since they are huge and pretty, like the castles in medival time. Honestly, it is a little bit exagerated! You can image how I fell in love with these houses for the first time I see them. So beautiful!

I and T. have some serious conversation for which whether I should quit my job to focus on my schooling or not. The fact that I get raise last week with the highest money in my company, while most of people get 25 cent/hour, I get 1$/hour. My boss likes me to be on that position and he promised that if I work hard enough and if he gets more oders, my salary will be add more 50 cent/hour. That’s not bad but… it is only good when my company does not move to any places. If it does, then every money that I have will be paid for gasoline. It’s not worth to do it right. In other hand, my goal is reaching the degree of visual communication as soon as possile since I am not young enough to suitable on that job. My dream job requires the employee posses an ablity to get done job quickly and creatively. If someone can’t meet that requirement, then he is likely to be laid off. So, I sill unsure if I continue on school and graduate when I turn 30 and no one like to hire me, or I continue working on my current company to guarantee my income. It’s a tough question!

I come back to my house returning to my room. There is a feeling that I am familiar with, a feeling of lonliness, a feeling of being isolated to the word… There is only me who is alive on the deadly room!


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