Blake Lewis – The Next American Idol?

It’s so early to tell Blake becomes the winner of the talent-search singing competition show American Idol since it is the most unpredictable show ever in television. However, by what I experience A.I (not because that I compete for this show once, it’s I have watched that show from season 3), I can predict that Blake will be named American Idol season 6 for those reasons:

  1. American Idol is not a singing competition only, it’s also about look. Don’t guess me wrong but people tend to vote their favorites crazily due to the contestants’ charming. Out of the 12 finalists of A.I 6, Blake is considered to be the hottest guy even though he kind of short comparing to other Americans (he’s slightly shorter than me). Yet, whenever he appears on the stage, he still get attract other people’s attention by his charming. I use to spend my time of net especially on A.I forum, there, many people are likely put their first comment after every of his performances “he’s hot!” indicating that how American fell in love with Blake and as long as they like him, they’ll vote for him.
  2. Differ from other fellow contestants, Blake is a multi-talented guy. This guy can compose music, play instrument, and especially he posses an unique beat-boxing, an ability that one can imitate the drum sound by his or her voice, mouth… Earlier, in his audition, he disclosed to the three judges of A.I that he was championship of beat-boxing competition for which he must have proved to the judges. The judges of course were impress by his beep-box ability, but all of them agreed that his singing skill was not as good as his beat-boxing. However, as long the show goes on, he improved every week by week and considered to the favorite to win by audience. American Idol’s history recorded that Carrie Underwood became the first country singer to win the American Idol (she’s unique in her year of competition) and Fantasia Barrino, even thought I don’t like her for her attitude towards to the judge, especially Simon Cowel, I admit that she’s talented with her Bo-bo style (what she called it). Certainly, Blake will win because of his unique beat-boxing.
  3. The fact is that during five seasons of American Idol, there are two times that the last two finalist are same gender in season 2 (both are male) and in season 3 (both are female.) In other seasons, the final two are one male and one female which is won 2 times by female and once by male. This year, only Blake is only guy in top 4 so obviously, he will remain until the last day of the show with other female. Yes, he is certainly win this competition to “balance” winners of American Idol. Even though he’s once to land on bottom 3 but it will not be an obstacle to avoide him from winning, remember that Fantasia landed on bottom 3 and 2 three times before she won the competition.

“A million words is not equal to a picture” Let’s prove for what I typing above, let’s see Blake’s performance on top 6 themed Bon Jovi.


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