Friday the 13th: Experience with Icy Storm

From what I learned from my elder people that a Friday occurring in any month of the year then will be considered as a bad luck day. This superstitious, especially to the number 13, somehow effects strongly to many people’s daily living, such as, some people do not want to get out of the bed if that day is on Friday, 13th. According to the research of Donal Dossey from North Carolina, America lost about $800 million to $900 million on its business because people avoid flying on that day or starting business. It is weird enough?

As a young boy, I was living with my grandparents and learning many bizzard stories from my grandmother, one of them was a lady who lost her child then her spirit came back to the world and lived in the coconut tree. Of course, Friday the 13th is not an exemption. She said that we should advoid from many things to increase the unfortunate events occurring as much as possible. At first, I was reluctant to doubt whether it was true or not, but something happens changing my view somehow.

There was a couple of wife and husband who lived next to my grandparent’s home four houses, whose son used to hang around with me and my cousins. One day, on Friday 13th, when I was watching an animation movie, I heard a sound, looking like some people who were arguing, so loud that can interject me from the television. I quickly ran to the door and had a look. The husband bleaching from his forehead was having a big argument with his wife and other man. That man was not familiar to me and I thought this was the first time I met him in my life, and the only time so far, trying to defense himself while the wife was crying. She tried so hard to calm down the arguement but it was not succeeded… Lately it was explained that the husband misundertood his wife and the man having some unfaithful problem.

I get out of my work at five o’ clock and make a call to my friend asking him if I am able to stay in his appartment for a while because currently I have no mood to come home. However, he turns me down when promise to call me back but end up letting my wait in the school for hours. I get upset and get out of the school’s yard as the sky is turing grey. Rain begins falling but get harder for a minute. When I am at the traffic light, I barely see nothing. The traffic light goes out for a second. Instead of green light, there is blinking red light everywhere. At this moment, I look carefully to the rain and notice that it is not rain, it’s ice.

I quickly turn right to the gas station as the storm is getting hard. The last time that I encoutered to this incident was four year ago when I was at my sister’s friend’s birthday. The icy was so big that broke my sister’s winshield. However, this time, it is not big enough but can damage to people by blocking their view from driving and may cause car accident. In fact, after the storm, I hear alot of siren from police car everywhere. Waiting in the car and watching icy storm can be fun because you won’t know what will happen to your car, is it broke or not? Luckily enough, my car is still safe.

My friend reports that his house is damaged by the storm because the it is so big in his area. The other says that the wind changes his antenal so that the television can not air any channel. Fortunately, my house is not effected by the storm.

It is Friday the 13th.


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  1. di qu, đọc 1 t thấy hoa cả mắt, lột trứơc tnh sau

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