Director: Glen Morgan


Glen Morgan (2006)
Roy Moore (1974)


Katie Cassidy
Michelle Trachtenberg
Kristen Cloke
Crystal Lowe
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Lacey Chabert
Oliver Hudson
Andrea Martin
Jessica Harmon
Leela Savasta
Kathleen Kole
Karin Connoval
Robert Mann
Dean Friss
Cainan Weber




A group of sorority sisters from a college, along with the sorority mother, Ms. Mac, celebrate a Christmas day in their Delta Alpha Kappa sorority house whose a mental killer, Billy, killed his family thirty years ago. As the party is going on, the girls receive a call from a stranger that somehow freaks them. Heather, one of sorority group, wants to report to police because she fells that it is not safe for her to stay in this house however she ends up an argument with Lauren, a drunken girl. Those girls also looks for her friend, Clair, who was disappeared into thin air, without any notice that she actually was killed while writing a greeting card to her half-sister earlier. Megan decides to stay in her room to watch a pornography movie featuring her and Kelly‘s boyfriend, Kyle, but gets killed later after she discovers Clair‘s body in the attic. Later, Kyle secretly enters to the sorority house to surprise Kelly because he needs her to be with him during Christmas time while Kelly want to have a secret Santa celebration with her friends. Kyle then finds his pornography movie in Morgan’s room and has an argument with Kelly resulting he leaves the house. Meanwhile, Leigh, Clair’s sister, comes to the house to pick her up because she does not receive any calls from Clair… As the movie goes on, they find out the true behind Billy’s history and one by one is killed cruelly till only Kelly survives from this massacre.


I couldn’t wait to watch this horror movie after watching its trailer from the television especially the movie has my favorite actress Mary Winstead, who started a leading role on Final Destination 3 earlier, on it. However, the movie turns out be somewhat disappointed because its storyline somehow get boring and it lacks the suspense element that is required for the horror movie. The dead is so weird, not scary enough and somewhat funny. For example, while waiting in the car, Heather was killed off-screen by Agnes. Yes, we only see her blood spread out of the car to assume that “Yeah, she’s dead!” I prefer more gruesome scenes. Also, the movie lacks of actress as well. I don’t know why the production staff decided to let Dean Friss to play the character of Agnes, a killer lady. Even though Agnes was an inbreeding from Billy and his mother, it does not mean that Agnes will grow up with a figure of male appearance. She is not creepy and ugly enough to be like this. That is totally a turn off point of Black Christmas 2006.

My rating:

Story Line: 3/5
Suspended Element: 2/5
Actor/Actress Performance: 4/5

Total: 6.00 out of 10


If you want to see how these girls suffer from death or ff you are fan of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katie Cassidy, Crystal Lowe, watch it because all those actress do their part well. If not, don’t rent it because it waste of your time and money.

Interesting note:

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Crystal Lowe both started on Final Destination 3 while Kristen Cloke participated on Final Destination 1 as Ms. Valerie Lew ton (a gym teacher). Earlier, Alex Johnson who played Erin on F.D 3 auditioned for the character of Melissa and nearly got it but that role later was given to Michelle Trachtenberg.

Glen Morgan, who directed Black Christmas 2006, also a writer of Final Destination part 1 and 3. While James Wong, who directed Final Destination part 1 and 3, produced Black Christmas.


Oxide Pang
Danny Pang


Stuart Beattie
Todd Farmer
Mark Wheaton


Kristen Stewart
Dylan McDermott
Penelope Ann Miller
John Corbett
Evan Turner
Theodore Turner
William B. Davis
Brent Briscoe
Dustin Milligan
Jodelle Ferland
Michael Daingerfield
Tatiana Maslany
Shirley McQueen
Anna Hagan
Blaine Hart





After involving a car accident resulting her infant brother, Ben, becomes mute, Jessica and her family move to North Dakota to settle down in an old, big house on a farm that is planting sunflowers. Of course, she misses her friend back in Chicago and somehow does not get along with her parents. From the moments arrive to the house, she and her family encounter a lot of weird thing happening into this house such as the leak from the wall that keeps on leaking despite the fact that Jess’s mother cleans every time or Ben repeats wandering around in his room and looking up to the ceiling. One day, after an accident with those uninvted crows, Jess’ s father, Roy Solomon, meets John Burwell, a nice guy who helps Roy to get rid of those attacking crows, and invites John to his dinner. Also, Roy wants to hire John to work with him in the sunflower field. Days by days, Jess becomes terrified and asks their parents to move out due to her bizarre, horrible experience in this haunted house that no-one except her little brother can witness but unfortunately, he is not able to speak. This lead to a big argument between her and her parents resulting she runs away till she find the true behind this house where she and her family is living in.


Even though this movie is rated to PG-13, it will scare you to death but its storyline is not really interesting enough and very predictable. For instance, from the beginning, I guess that “someone” (sorry, I don’t want to spoil you) is somewhat a villain and that person should be responsible for the death of the descended family members. Also, the ghosts who haunt the house is very similar to those ghosts in The Grudge that I am getting sick of a child ghost who climbs in the ceiling, has a scary face, screams, and attacks other people. Further, The Messengers shows how
a movie casts a wrong leading actress. Kisten Stewart has her own beauty but seriously, she does not fit the role of Jess. At some scenes, she is supposed to be scare but I can’t find any expression from her face. In other word, she shows how wooden she is. As I mention earlier, the movie is so predictable so that you can guess what happen next and, of course, you won’t find any twist part from it even though the director and write try to make suspending part, but it does not work well. Through out the movie, I keep on thinking that who are the “messengers” and what is the “message” until the end of the movie that Jess and Ben are the messengers because only them are able to see ghost to carry the message that getting out of the house quickly before their family are in danger by the killer.

My rating:

Storyline: 2/5
Suspended Element: 3/5
Actor/ Actress Performance: 3/5

Total: 5.33 out of 10


Go watch it if you are a really huge fan of the kind of scary ghost from The Grudge. If not, try to avoid it because it certainly waste your money.

Director: James Wan

Writer: Leigh Whannell


Ryan Kwanten
Donnie Wahlberg
Michael Fairman
Judith Roberts
Bob Gunton
Amber Valletta
Laura Regan
Dmitry Chepovetsky
Judith Roberts
Keir Gilchrist
Steven Taylor
David Talbot
Steve Adams
Shelley Peterson





A couple mysteriously receive a doll from an unknown person at their doorstep’s apartment then the husband, Jamie Ashen, find out his wife, Lisa, is murdered horribly on their bed that her tongue is ripped out and her jaw is torn open. Before her death, Lisa is terrify to learn that every sound surrounding her suddenly became silent but her breath. Later, Jamie decides to come back to his old town to find out who killed his wife and why. When he arrives to his father’s house, he is greeted by his new step mom, Ella, that he has no clue who she is. On the way to investigate her wife’s death, he is suspected to be the murder by detective Liption because Liption doesn’t believe anything Jamie says to him. At time goes by, Jamie unlocks the legendary behind Marry Shaw, a ventriloquist who has ability to mimic others’ voices, now becomes a ghost to revenge her grudge after being killed by the town people years ago.


The only thing I can say right now is that this movie is really good as the story line will keep you want to know what will happen next. The twist at the very end brings to you totally surpries that you’ve thought it would be like that untill the end of movie. Have you ever seen the series of “Saw” then you will certainly know what I am talking about. The revenge of the ghost, the investigation of Jamie are actually a plan from the very beginning. Differ than “The Messengers“, all the characters are really connected together. No one is an extra character. Every person’s appearance has his own reason behind. Moreover, despite the horror genre of this movie, you will laugh alot through Det. Lipton, a comic character in the horror film. In my opinion, this is the best horror movie so far in the year of 2007.

My rating:

Storyline: 4.5/5
Suspended element: 5/5
Actor/Actress Performing: 3/5

Total: 8.33 out of 10


In brief, I don’t think there is any reason to avoid you from Dead Silence. See this movie right away and you won’t regret it.

Interesting Fact:

One of Marry Shaw’s puppets is named Billy, a main antagonist from the series Saw. Also, Billy’s puppet from series Saw is one of 101 puppets of Marry Shaw.


2 responses to “Tri-Horror

  1. i saw the Messengers and the Dead Silence already. Well! like your opinion, i also think Dead Silence is better than Messengers.

  2. For the most part, I do agree with your opinions of these three movies. I have seen all of them, and have to say I don’t like one more than the others. Further more, I have to disagree with your last comment on Agnes from Black Christmas. Although I don’t understand why they casted Dean Friss as Agnes, I do understand why Agnes may look deformed. You have to remember that when Billy attacked his mom and step dad, he attacked Agnes first. Then again, they didn’t show much detail other than him just stabbing her right eye..hence why she had a fake eye, but still.

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