Ly Thong’s Then and Now

Me at different times

Then Now


My teeth back then was so discolor and dirty since I did not recognize enough the importance of having a jaw with good white teeth. Yah! At that time, I didn’t care much if my teeth was so yellow or not and brushed once a day. In top of that, I got the extra one with the shape of a triangle laying in the middle of my upper jaw making the teeth looked so horrible.


I get braces two years ago after I asked a dentist to draw my extra one. My teeth are still discolor no matter how I try but at least, they are much cleaner than before. I brush twice a day before I go to bed and after I wake up. In fact, teeth is my part of body that I take care much.


I used to hate wearing any color T-shirt with blue jean for some unclear reasons. Whenever I went out for any reasons such as, hanging out with my friends, birthdays parties, I usually wore white khaki pants and blue shirt with white T-shirt inside. Yes, if you had a chance to take a look at my closet, there were only khaki pants with hue of white or vanila color, and shirts with hue of blue only.


Currently, instead of having white khaki pants, my wardrobe was full of blue jean and white short pants. I am no more wearing khaki pants, white T-shirt, and blue shirt. My choice is that I should wear clothes that suite for me and help me to look more “handsome” than usual. Often, I wear clothes differently from time to time and always have a white tank top inside.


I was such a nicest and most innocent kid in the world. You could blame me for anything and I would responce by a nice smile with no anger or something similiar to that. I remembered when I was a kid and used to get along with the two neighbor sister and brother. One day, I came to their house and was surprise to witness they asked me to leave their house immediately because we had a fight before. Guess what? I leave but went to their house again next day!


Hello! I am not that person anymore. In fact, if you hurt or disrespect me once by your words, there is no second chance for us to talk. After years of living with my grandmother, I came back to my old house and paid utility money for my brother (it’s not my money). Then, I saw the brother but I refuse to talk with him or enter to his house because “you kick me out of your house, then no way for me to step into your house again. It’s fair!”

Favorite Classes

My favorite class was Math because I tended to do good in this subject. In top of that, I had an ability to do some basic Math problem without writing down anything in the paper and the solution always were right. My average grade in Math always went beyond the 8.0 except in 10th grade.

Favorite Classes

I still love Math but for some reason, my current favorite class is Art. In fact, when I try to count or do a Math problem in my mind, it tends to give the wrong answer indicating that I have lost this ability somewhere. If someone who asks me where I rank Math in my favorite list, I answer that it is below third.

Goal of Life

Since my favorite class was Math, it suggested that I should apply a job on an accountant position. Yes, I dreamt to be an accountant for years that I attempted to take an university entrance exam major on Economic Information System but diasterly, I failed the test.

Goal of Life

NONE. You can say I am so pessimistic but this is my point of view about life. Life is difficult! What i mean is that I attemp to achieve my goals so many times but finally I still get nothing. Nothing in the world I should persue because I already know that at the end, the result is below than the number of zero. Here is my question: “What do a person live for when he has no goal?”


There was a guy who was my closet and best friend ever in my elementary school. His name is Vu The Ha whom I guess his origin from either Hai Phong or Hanoi. He was the only one person in my class that I spent time much on talking or hanging arround. I still remember clearly that his house located at the gas station in Le Van Sy street. The only thing that made him so “special” at that time was that he could not pronounce exactly the two letter “L” and “N”. For example, instead of “long lanh,” he said “nong nanh.” Of couse, he was moked alot due to his nature lisp by our classmates. After my elementary school, we’re lost! I don’t know if he still remember me or not but I expect that we have a chance to meet someday. Hey Ha, if you are able to read this message, P.M me okay!


Beside my close, fat buddy who lives in Canada right now, I tend to get a wider relationship to other people. Damn, I miss to kick his ass! Honestly, I treasure a friendship rather than anything else in the world beside family relationship. As long as you are good to me, we’re friends and I swear that I will never stab behind your back!


NONE. I was such a nice guy, dude!


A lot (I can count at least 5)! I can hate someone to the bone if he or she did something really bad to me. An example is a girl who attended the same high school with me in Vietnam, one day she said that there was only blind lady who agree to be my wife eventhough I did not say anything to her. I don’t know if she was kidding or not but saying really mean thing was not suitable for a girl like her. May be she was pretty, however, from my eyes, she is such a lady who lacks of education from either her parents or schools. Want to know her name, Yes, she is Yen Vi (don’t be confuse with Yen Vi who started in a cheap ponography movie recording by a hidden camera.)


6 responses to “Ly Thong’s Then and Now

  1. ếh he he, sao m chi tiết thế chu iu. nice sunday nh!

  2. năm 1989 dễ xương nhứt, năm 2002 đẹp chai nhứt, năm 1998 gầy nhứt.:)

  3. ong gia` oi…co phai cang ngay ong cang phat tuong khong vay ? seo nhin hinh ong nam nay thay map du vay ta ??? deo mat kinh nua…hem…..tri’ thuc….tri’ thuc…

  4. 1 cau thoi : cang ngay cang xau kekeke

  5. Nhn cai time-portrait của ng mới thấy sự L-Thng của ng tăng theo năm thng, hahahaha.

  6. you’re becoming mean as you grow up…. no other comment 🙂

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