I’m Ready For A Trip

I must clean up everything before I leave my house for a trip on San Antonio locating on the South of Texas. Yes, I’m sure that I will visit Sea World for the second time but I’m not sure if my ID Card is till working well. It is said that the ID card which I purchased on Sea World four years ago allow the card owner enter to Sea Wolrd without paying any entrance fee (In fact, it costs $50 for the entrance fee per person.) Probably I’ll check it later.

Next week I have a full week off from school (spring break) and guess what? No homework! Yeah! There is no time for me to worry about my art work, there is also no time for me to worry that whether or not I need to leave work early to catch up my homework. There is no time for me to worry if I spend plenty of time to play on Sims Seasons. Interesting!

There are something on my list that need to complete: washing clothes, cleaning my room and … charging camera’s battery… Need to be ready…


2 responses to “I’m Ready For A Trip

  1. sướng nh!!!

  2. no one is as happy as you, my brother, hihihii

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