Spring Arrival

This is the prettiest week of the month when the temperature is not neither too hot nor to cold and sunlight starts to light everywhere informing that the winter came to an end and the spring is trying to dominate the year. I know that some people get confuse and blame me for wrong information due to the fact that people tend to believe the spring will begin at January, the first month of the year and ends at March. Yes, I did believe so but after what my teacher stated on the class and after I have been searching many time from the Internet, it is confirmed that Spring starts at March and finishes it “term” at somewhere in May and June. Some knew it, but some did not.

Okay, back to me! It’s Saturday right, a day was named after a god of HELL in Roman mythology, Saturn. I wonder why people get a day off on Saturday to relax, have fun, spend their time with their family, it is called “day of hell.” I suggest it should be named a better one rather than Saturn

I wake up early this morning and drive my car quickly to my school to finish my assignment, homework that I am already completed one year ago. Well, I almost get an accident from a stupid driver. It’s her fault! She is supposed to yeild me because I am turning right and the traffic light is still green. However, she does not to wait any minute and suddenly turn left while my car is moving up. I am almost hit her but thanks for God that my speed is so low to turn that both of she and I are safe! She then looks at me , fasten her speed and disappears quickly later… Poor me! If she hits me, then I have alot of money from her hehe..

Anyway, I guess I should finish my drawing because it dues Tuesday. Well, drawing must take time and I don’t want to turn in late my homework…

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