Fullmoon Night

This morning I wake up and find out that my car were burying in the thick layer of snow that makes me eagerly use my camera to take some pictures. Unfortunately, the batteries has gone out after I only capture my red Toyota. I am getting disappointed because it is the first time I see my neighborhood is deeply covered by white. The trees, the gardens, the hills, the roots from houses totally white painted perfectly by snow. I guess it started to snow yesterday when I was laying on my bed and having a good nightMARE, kidding! Oddly enough, when my car is approaching the company, I learn that there are only me and my coworker who lives next by my house, get snow on the cars ‘ roots.

I get out of my car quickly and go straight to where I work, preparing everything and start to talk. Yet, I can image how people surprise to find out the truth that even though we live in the same state, the same county, but it does not mean that we have the same climate due to we do not share the same area. My teacher described before how he enjoyed nature when witnessing it was stormy in one side, but the other was cloudy. He tought us (me, my friends) how to be good designers by observing what is realling happening in real life because someday, we will see something extraorginal occur. Seriously, I have no time left to do that stuff even though I understand clearly how it effects directly to my creative skill since my day is full of working and working. Money is more important, dude!

Let’s go back to my day, well, I make a mistake today when testing a ground black cable. Due to its short lengh break-out, I accidently break the fibers resutling it fails the test and get no light. I carry the heavy stuff to my “zuong” and ask him if he could fix it or not. Damn! it is the worst thing ever because if my boss did not purchase the connecting fiber machine, we must start all over again. Worse, I have only about 90 minutes to get done this job before the cable is shipped. Zuong patiently connects the broken fibers togerther as they are too strong and hard to link. He is nearly voiceless since he is not able to connect them. Luckily, he finished on time so that I can avoide the hurrican from my supervisor! Phew!

When I am at my room, it means right now, I look at outside of the window and notice how the moon is perfectly circle today. Yes, today is fullmoon day, a day for those buddists to practice their diet believe that is not assuming every kind of fresh meat on the fifteen day of the month on lunar calendar. I am not a veterian but sometime I prefered to eat food made totally by vegetable with my grandmom when I back in my country because they tasted so sweet and yummy. I wish I can fly to Vietnam again to have lunch or dinner with my banoi. I miss her so much! But anyway, today is not a good day as 99-year-old lady predicted yesterday. Hope my day get better every day.

Finally, enjoy the song Dem Trang Tinh Yeu by GMC (literately translated as Fullmoon Night of Love.)


2 responses to “Fullmoon Night

  1. (^___^) @@@@@@@@@@@ (^___^)
    (^___^) @@@@@@@@@ (^___^)
    (^___^) @@@@@@@ (^___^)
    (^___^) @@@@@ (^___^)

  2. dear baby, surely tomorrow will be much better than today just because I am very good at predicting. I am too old to be wrong. The thing is that my predict often comes true a little bit late. hehe. (how hard it is to express my own idea in English!).

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