Came Back

She came back home yesterday when I was sleeping like death due to the effect of couging medicine. She woke me up and asked me for help that carrying her stuff from downstair to her private room. It was so heavy and took my energy away from me. From now on, there is one more person to live in my house!

She said that I was welcome to her room as long as I needed but I joked her that if she allowed if I wanted to visited her room at 2:oo AM and asked her to get out. She then smiled and restated her statement “You can as long as I am not in the room.”

I’ve never call her “elder sister” due to the fact that we are the same age, however, she is six months my senior. Whenever I meet someone, I introduce her that she is my sister.

This morning I wake up and find out that she leaves home early. I guess she goes to work eventhough today is Sunday. She is one of the most hard working people in the world, but also the one who spent money wastefuly on club and shopping. That is why she never got rich!

Today is the first day she sleeps at home since 2002, after five years she moved out.


2 responses to “Came Back

  1. mừng qu , lần đầu tin đọc hết blog kuu bằng tiếng Anh v ….hiểu hết hehehe

  2. dude, u look so fat on that picture, dont make me slap your fuck face when I meet u in SaiGon, ok ?

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