Welcome 2007 and a New Year in the Club

Happy new year to everybody, especially my friends. I wish all of you (and to me) will doing well in the upcoming interesting year… YOU WILL BE LUCKY!

By the way, remember that you will be part of the history if you participate in voting for the New 7 Wonders of the World via this website http://www.new7wonders.com/ The result will be announced on Saturday, July 07, 2007 at 07:07 AM. Have fun!

Wow! It’s kind of interesting that I went to the club yesterday to countdown the new year with my bunches of new friends. Yes, there were alot of people that I could not remeber every body’s first name. It was so confused that they went by English names and only me who have a faith on his Vietnamese name so at the end of the party, I just wonder who the hex are Ryan, Tony, Chikie, etc… but anyway, it was so fun (and so sad at the same time.) Somebody will understand what I meant

Once again, happy new year! Be safe!

I gotta go lunch with my family now!


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