Open Gift

Anually, we are supposed to have an open gift party on Christmas Eve day but for some reasons, my family decided to held that celebration one week earlier this year. Also, this is the first time ever I prepared plenty of gifts for my parents, my sisters, and of couse, my little nephew. One whose blog I used to visit complain how he spent much of his saving money on this season so that he called it “Mua Tieu Tien.” I guess many companies earn interested mostly on this winter holiday because they sell many their productions rather than other seasons.

Back to that day, Hang, the oldest one, took me and her sister to a five-star hotel where she worked to attend a Christmas party. Unexpectedly, the majority of the guesses came from Mexico or at least are Hispanic letting the MCs must have spoken two languages: English and Spanish. I am not a racist people but somehow their behaviors make me think bad their nationality. While we were struggle to find three places to sit, there was a man who worked on this hotel (also come from Hispanic country) kept the table and did not allow us to sit even though there was noone on that table. He said “This table is taken!” Hello! Who took that place, Mr? Earlier, many people refused us when we asked for sits because they brought whole their family members to attend this party. (We are only three people!) We tried to calm down and decided to have lunch outside. Suddenly, we found three emply places and thanked god that no one sat there. Hehe!

I guessed this party for Hispanic people because most of the food came from Mexico. They looked so good but I ate just a little bit because they are not my taste (my sisters did enjoy them.) After a few hours, we left because we had alot of things need to finish such as returing some clothes, buying some gifts … When we got home, it was 7 o’clock and my pareants was dying of hunger…. Poor them!

We started eating immediately but I felt tired and dizzy. My throat begun itching as if there are a hundred of ants crawling inside your neck. I knew I got sick so I stopped eating and left the table.

At 9 o’clock, my litter sister was back to home from work marking this was the time for us to open gift. When I saw her, she said that she ran her car like crazy because she did not want anybody to wait for her and delay the party. Well, acutally we did wait for her due to a simple reason that only her went to work on that day. This year, I received seven gifts totally: three from my mom, two from my litter sister, one from the middle one, and one from the odest one. I love them all especially the digital camera that my mom purchased for me. I did not know that camera was for me… I thought she gave me for a short time then returned it back to her… But anyway, thanks her for thinking of me!

It was so perfect if there was snow on that day. Well, Texas rarely to have snow! I spent the first two Christmas on my uncle house, which is laying in the North of U.S so there was snowy every winter. It was so freaking cold that you are easily to get sick without wearing enough clothes when going outside… You know what! I did make up as Santa Claus once time for the kids and it was the first time ever in my life so I had alot of fun…

I took alot of pictures so I decide to post here for all of you enjoy them…

You can clearly see my shadow reflecting on the ball on the Christmas Tree
Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
That’s me who try to hold all of his gifts


4 responses to “Open Gift

  1. Oh You have that much gifts ? Can I have some ? I am all by myself :((. SHARE ME SOME LOVE.

  2. Go to my house then you are welcome to stay with me haha….

  3. 🙂 I don’t like Mexican food very much too. That’s why i guess how it tastes weird of trying those foods…and of course i also have some bad experiences with those people… but then i hope you are doing fine, just ignore them 🙂

  4. hehehehe. Nice entry!

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