One thing that I don’t like about 360 degree page is that it decreases the quality of any picture that I upload. Other features are okay! I love 360 more than other online blog website for the fact that its template is eye catching and it does not have many ad banners…

Montage is a term in English meaning a work that combines many small pictures together. In fact, I have seen alot of works from many professions and they fascinate me. This is my first montage that I spent about a couple days to finish. Basically it tell some events which happened into my life. For instances, a little map or the way I dress indicates where I was from… Even though I love my work but some of the pictures I uses somehow do not belong to the exclution, especially the bridge that locates on the bottem left of the picture. Honestly, I had no time left so that I tried to find a random picture to fill in the blank and I choose the Golden Bridge. Well, it does have its meaning that my childhood house was close to the bridge. Also, Goldgen Bridge is one of the landmark that I visited when I came to California four years ago. Anyway, my uncle loves it, my mom like it… If any body want to get any comment (either positive or negative), drop it but be polite.

You can see the larger version here

It looks like this is my shortest entry in my entire of 360 degree blog.


One response to “Montage

  1. hic , de nghi Kuu viet tieng Viet de Linh doc :-w

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