One person who I get acquainted online suggested me should spent at least 30 minutes a week to mediate for a better health and mind. I log on to my friend’s 360 degree page and take note how he balance his time with his heavy work load from school. What he does basically is spending his weekend for sport, gym, and communication with his family. Well, I wish I could be him but I actually can’t.
The fact that I prefer being alone in my own room, doing my own stuff and enjoying each moment of life. I am kind of laid back person that I don’t like to work any extra house works. I love to clean and rearrange everything in my room but I show my dislikeness if my mother asks me to get out of bed early and go to the yard to plain some trees. However, I must help her because of two simple reasons: she’s my mom and I can’t stand to see her doing work by herself. I don’t like she gets the feeling that she borned to a can-not-help-at-all son. Sometimes I require myself to vacuum the house because it helps me stretching and burning the extra fat inside my body after six days of work sitting but my habit turns back after a few weeks. I can’t get out of my bed early in the morning since I rarely sleep more than 6 hour a day from Monday to Saturday. There are so many reasons: for work, for school, for PC games, sometime for phone calling.
After a few year of trying to reasearching myself, I discover a true that I’ve been changing during those latest few years. I easily get mad or freak out if something unexpected occurs accidently. For instance, seeing people enter to my room without any my permission will drive me being nut. I read some article online and it explain that not spending time for any physical activities is one of some reasons that give people get stress. How many time I ask to myself that I must calm down and relax for any unexpected circumstances but I do not have enough strength to overcome myself. I get mad immediately and the result is that one of my own properties will fly from my hand and land into the middle of nowhere. Guess what happens to it!
My favorite sport is swimming because it is the only sport among a hundred of physical activities that I know how to play. Back to three or four years ago when I was in my school swimming team that I needed to practice every day regardless of weather or health condition. However, it did work well to my wellness: both in physical and mental. I rarely get mad or show my attitude to anyone, what I could do mostly was keeping silence and ignore what people said, some were really hurt to me.
Time passes by quickly as if everything just happened yesterday, what I still maintain was my body part. The rest of them completely changed, from the way I wear to the way I look. Those are not important much but what make me differ totally from myself back to three or four years ago is my ability to control my anger. I think I lost this power somewhere that I did not have any clue to find it back. Like I say earlier, I easily get attitude at any unexpected circumstances. Why? I believe that my live style lets me go to the way which I am supposed not to move on.
I am sitting on the chair of my school libarry, type some words in my pages with an easy mood that I think it is the bettter way for me to look back and compare many of me in different times. Hopefully someone who read my blog won’t have a feeling that I suffers from a mental illness…

2 responses to “Versys

  1. I guess you want to be called like “Duy Heo” right ? If the answer is yet, then keep laying back and sleeping. Welcome to laziness world, where 99.9% of people like you, and 0.01% of people who are doing some activties like ” EATING and F… ”

  2. I’m not fishish my blog yet!

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