I’ve been thinking during those days that I should drop one of my current classes due to its heavy pressure and to the fact that I probably won’t have enough time to follow the syllabus. My mother told me her story when she moved to America for learning and how she signed up for class that she would not take any English classes for her freshman year. Instead, she registed some science one such as Math or Physic. She also expressed her pity for taking Biology on her first  year and then got a grade of C which effected on her GPA… She also stated she did not go to work at that time so she certainly had more time for school. However, I am a fulltime employee of OCS but I maintain my schooling by taking three class but must spent 15 hours on school. It drive my crazy, though.
Okay, for what I say earilier, English class is my least favorite one because I have a problem with my teacher. It is not because I do something wrong in the class, it’s because of him. He speaks so fast and mumor alot that I barely follow his words. When I asked to some of my classmates who are English native speakers, they responded they get most of the part he said, but sometime they don’t.
Well, I turned my first essay last week and expected I get somewhere around 70 to 80. I’ve never thought that I would get an “A” but it prove me wrong. Beside that, I get two more A for grammar tests which make me think I am dreaming or something like that. Wow! Probably I come home tonight and say that “Mom! You should be proud of your son, I get A on my first essay while I am still working.” The fact that I spent alot of time for thinking, previewing, drafting and getting the paper done. I am pround for what I get, honestly…
Okay! Here is the worst thing: for an punishment of not attending in class the week before last week, I will be deducted 30 points for my upcoming essay whose topic explains why I should apply and stand out of those contestants for my dreamy occupation. However, he, the teacher, will give me 10 bonus point if it, my paper, is previewed by some turtors of library. I’ll take that chance and hopefull with their kindness help, I can improve my writting skill.
Now, I don’t know how to describe my feeling as if there is something is running through my body. The feeling that I’ve never have before… Thanks god!
Last thing I would like to say for those who read my post: Be self-confident because you won’t know what happens later…

3 responses to “Surprise!

  1. You dont know good you are until you face it. Good job and good luck.

  2. Sry for mistake, I mean “You dont know how good you are until you face it. Good Job and Good luck.”

  3. hey good job , start up new interest good luck to u

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