A Man Who Changes My View


He suddenly appeared in front of me and talked to his peer big friend when I was trying to find my class. I was almost speechless as I learned from the fact that at least there is one person in the world who tries to overtake every obstacle from his life to get what he desire for. That honorable person is Keith, my classmate. I’m pretty sure that I have no idea what his full name is but I can get it by looking up my yearbook carefully. I remember there is one portrait in which he wore a black suit and smiled peacefully to the photographer in the senior student section. However, from what I heard people call him, I guess his name should be Keith, or something in the earth spelling close to it. Keith is like everyone else who think and behave normally but what makes him became famous or be proud is his strength. Yup, he is a handicap person, a really dissablity one.

Every part in his body was abnormal except his brain. At the first time I saw him, I barely to say a word because I could not image that he was born to be like that, a person who must sit on the wheelchair for the entire of his life due to the unability to move his climbs and balance his neck. He also finds difficultly to speak but at least, somebody is able to get what he say. I notice that there is one part in his wheelchair to help him get steadyly his neck. I guess he was suffered from birth effect so that his bones do not grow well. He always to be accompany with a black tall guy, who willingly help him whenever he wants such as open and close the door, or even put some of his books into his backpack. He became the attention from every people who enrolls in Hebron High School but what I was so suprised that I was one of his classmate later, as I never thought before due to my limited English.

We were in the same class of Economic but did not sit close to each other. From the very beginning, my class hardly to pronouce my name because they confused with the pronouciation of letter “D.” They didn’t know that “D” in Vietnam pronouce exactly like “Y” in English. However, Keith was not one of them, he clearly said “Duy” as I help all my classmate including my teacher to say my name correctly. Through out nine week, we rarely talked since I rushed to go my another class while he was helped by his friend to get out after this period ended. I already expected that he would probably forget me sooner or later but he proved me wrong, no matter how we do not meet together, he still remember me.

I considered myself as a “handicaped man” as both of my hands are smaller than other people. In top of that, my index fingers are very short that advoid me to hold things firmly. Unfortunately, I was mocked as a leprosy hand mostly by my uncle and my brother. Okay, that was one of my childhood experience so I don’t want to mention it much here. Don’t even think that my family members are rude, they seems rude but actually are not. Let’s go back to the main point!I remeber when I had a final walk as highschool student on a graduation celebration day, all the people in the stadium stood up and applaused when Keith slowly approached to the stage on his wheelchair. I knew that all of them were admiring to a person who kept on his education despire the fact that he was dissability. He deserved to get the applausing from each every person because he tried so hard to get his first deploma.

Two years passed by quickly, after I went to work for making cash, I returned to school and I saw him again. Keith was going around in the S building and exit the college center quickly. I did come to him and say hi, then we had a talk for a little bit. I was glad that he still remember my name…Last week, when I was in my class and talked to my teacher, he called me and we found that we are in the same class once again. However, there are two lube put inside his noise to prove that he hardly breath normally, I guess his health has got worse.I don’t know what his major is but he must interested in graphic design. He did have his own special mouse to use some programs because he can’t use any mouse from the school. I did take a look at him sometime and learned that mouse was also not comfortable for him but at least, it helped him to use computer. He loves to do every step by himself and only allowed other people help when he actually cannot or lost.

After the class was dismissed, I went to a parking lot and thought about me, about what I have done in the past. I was lucky enough to be born without any disabilities but I tend to be dissappointed just simply because my hands are not as big as other men… I stood alone under the dark sky and looked at my car, I am not useless like I belived. Keith had changed totally my view toward life. Thanks and from the bottom of my heart, I wish Keith do best on his way.


2 responses to “A Man Who Changes My View

  1. wat a touching story! After reading this, I think we all who are not disabled are so lucky. I really admire those who are like ur friend, admire their faith and strength. Isn’t it amazing people with disabilities tend to have more courage than us – those lucky ones? Look at how bravely they step into this life with guts and confidence, we must be ashame if we are afraid of, or keep blaming on our circumstances…
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I wish you the best also. You are must be the most lucky person who can see and be changed for the better by what you just witnessed.

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